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Karachi Maharashtriya Shikshan Prasarak Mandal (Registration No. F/3139, Mumbai) is established in 1929 at Karachi, which was a part of Bombay Province during British era.

Many Maharashtrian people were settled in Karachi for job and business purposes during British rule. But, there was no Marathi medium school in Karachi. So the charity minded Maharashtrian personalities collectively decided to establish a trust in the leadership of late V. D. Anaokar Guruji for educational purpose and KMSP Mandal was established in 1929 and the first Marathi Medium High School “Shri Shivaji High School” was started in Karachi.

After Independence and partition of British India, members of Mandal moved to Mumbai and to their native places as refugee with all their records.

Knowing the society’s reputation in Educational field, Mumbai Govt. handed over ‘Kudal High School’ to KMSP Mandal. This high school was previously run by ‘Sawantwadi Sansthan’ which was a princely state during British Regime. This high school was a State High school of Sawantwadi state. After merger of Sawantwadi State in India, this high school was in possession of Bombay Govt. and Bombay Govt. handed over it to Karachi Maharashtriya Shikshan Prasarak Mandal in 1948.

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